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Reduce consumption
New luminaries, uses led technology to reduce consumption and take care of the environment.

LED Technology
It ¡as done with the discovery of the sequential switch, now it bets for led technology.

Vanguard aesthetic
Research and development of vanguard aesthetic solutions, identities and different demands.
FALADESA, Permanent commitment to quality.
In 1980 this Department is created to implement a quality system covering all the steps of the production process, since the first design until the final marketing.
We have kept working to introduce changes and adjustments in a gradual way to get the ideal system that will bring together all the quality requirements.
The certifying body (TUV Product Service) intervened into the prior phases  to system operation, providing the experience and objective view required to make these changes.
This process has brought such important aspects as:
This quality policy also responds to a recognized firm commitment with its customers and with a continuous spirit of overcoming that has led the firm to create an extensive sales network and sell a wide range of products of decorative lighting in 40 countries shops.
All FALADESA products meet the requirements of the international standard ICE 60598 and European EN 60598. And accomplish the following directives: As a reference for fundamental tests and exams in basic models design, production routine tests as well as specifications of electrical equipment in accordance with the requirements of their own policies and in compliance with the same, It has been taken the established on following standards: